A lot of Gas...

Researching the subject of Gas Holders & "Gasometers" as they are sometimes called, you soon realise that one gas holder looks pretty much like another - across the U.K certainly, the default design seems to follow that of the soon-to-be demolished Southall Gas Tower, (depicted here as a vector file illustration which you can purchase as a print) - a tall cylindrical structure painted a light blue - these usually date from the 1920' / 30's. The other type often seen across London is a cylindrical open framework of cast iron, occasionally with ornamentation, a good example being the Gas Tower at The Oval - these usually date from the late Victorian era and many are already under preservation

A Grand Day (actually a weekend) Out...

You should have guessed by now by the focus on cinemas in the work on the site, that they figure very large in my range of interests. This past weekend was spent in Paris, where I attended the second day of a two day anniversary celebration of the French 60's musical "Les Demoiselles de Rochefort" - the film which inspired the 2016 hit film "La La Land" - in the form of a screening of the recently restored film, with a live orchestra conducted by composer of the music, Michel Legrand, followed by a Q&A. The venue was a spectacular example of 30's cinema architecture, The Grand Rex, which sits in the Opera district of Paris, and really was a very fitting location for such an iconic film. The

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