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Finally !...The updated website is up !

As promised (a while back, admittedly...) the new nakedswami website is up, with a comprehensive re-design to include new content and hopefully make it more logical to navigate.

The home page is now no longer the main store, and the store is now found under the "Store" tab at the top of the screen menu, with a sub-menu for the "Urban Artefacts" items.

The new content is the book : "Dragon Days & Knights", which follows the Inktober 2018 challenge,

31 drawings for 31 days of October according to daily single-word prompts, initiated by Jake Parker and now an annual fixture for artists both professional and those starting out to dip into casually - the point of it is just to draw - this time around I had no clear idea of a theme but as I drew a theme emerged and I decided to stick to it to see where it took me.

The mobile version of the site has been checked & it all looks good, so you can browse and hopefully purchase nakedswami items when you're on the move.

The other significant promised change is a 50% PRICE DROP on ALL ITEMS - hopefully to make the items more affordable - the base price is still for A4 prints and can go all the way up to A1 - best for the detailed prints - with a corresponding price increase.

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