"How Time Flies" - Tee Shirt
"Sprite" - Digital print
"Kaiju" - Tee-Shirt
"How Time Flies" - Tee Shirt
"Jack Kirby" Design Bag
"Liberty Dragons" Cinema Design

I'm naked....ask me a question...


TheNakedSwami is a place for *my stuff - t-shirts, original 3D Printed items, animation-related ephemera & generally stuff you won't find anywhere else.


I'm saving you the bother and expense of trekking to the foothills of the Himalayas, where I usually hang out, by offering my stuff online, using the psychic skills I've honed over many millennia to build this website...

(Logo design very kindly supplied by the awesome Nina Paley)


*I work in animation in London lending a variety of skills to TV commercial production, the occasional short film and feature, as a designer, storyboard artist and animator - (www.happy-robot.co.uk)

I spent 15 formative years of my life in Southall, West London with my family & it would be safe to say that it continues to inspire me in various ways.





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