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  • Ravi Swami

The Grand Rex, Paris

You should have guessed by now by the focus on cinemas in the work on the site, that they figure very large in my range of interests.

This past weekend was spent in Paris, where I attended the second day of a two day anniversary celebration of the French 60's musical "Les Demoiselles de Rochefort" - the film which inspired the 2016 hit film "La La Land" - in the form of a screening of the recently restored film, with a live orchestra conducted by composer of the music, Michel Legrand, followed by a Q&A.

The venue was a spectacular example of 30's cinema architecture, The Grand Rex, which sits in the Opera district of Paris, and really was a very fitting location for such an iconic film.

The interior is a riot of Italianate features, with the screen surrounded by a huge neon-lit semi-circular proscenium arch, 3 levels for seating and quite a large capacity despite also being a multiplex - the main cinema has been kept intact.

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  • Ravi Swami

You might be wondering where the "Animation" part comes in, where the designs on are concerned - well, take the example above : "How Time Flies", which is part of a collection entitled "G(R)EEK TRAGEDY" - my work as a designer and animator often takes me down interesting paths, and in this case the images resulted from a pitch for a short animated piece about "Koalemos" - a buffoon who reveals philosophical truths,

My part of the assignment ended with a storyboard, animatic and character designs, for a client I never met (it was carried out remotely) - I will every often will do exploratory work which is never used, but which I think is interesting in its own right, so these designs invariably were never part of the final submitted work, now on a t-shirt for you to wear proudly and to confound your friends...:)

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