• Ravi Swami

Behind every design, there's a story...

You might be wondering where the "Animation" part comes in, where the designs on are concerned - well, take the example above : "How Time Flies", which is part of a collection entitled "G(R)EEK TRAGEDY" - my work as a designer and animator often takes me down interesting paths, and in this case the images resulted from a pitch for a short animated piece about "Koalemos" - a buffoon who reveals philosophical truths,

My part of the assignment ended with a storyboard, animatic and character designs, for a client I never met (it was carried out remotely) - I will every often will do exploratory work which is never used, but which I think is interesting in its own right, so these designs invariably were never part of the final submitted work, now on a t-shirt for you to wear proudly and to confound your friends...:)

#tshirt #greek #timeflies #design #animation

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