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  • Ravi Swami

"The Crawling Eye" - everything you need to know...

One thing I discovered very recently is how many younger people have never heard of this film, which is the basis for the film poster design below, available as a standalone print or as part of the "Himalaya Palace" print.

You can find out more about the film at this fascinating podcast series :

The podcast goes into the story behind the unusual, creepy visual effects in the film, which fits into the Sci-Fi "B" movie genre and explains how these memorable effects are responsible for it becoming a kind of cult classic over the years, with screenings across the world and on late-night TV stations, as variably, "The Crawling Eye" or "The Trollenberg Terror".

What it doesn't go into is the fact that it was made entirely in Southall, West London, at Southall Studios, which no longer exists, hence its inclusion as a film poster marking a particular era of cinema-going - the 1950's - and also the life of the "Palace" cinema.

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