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The New Naked...

Welcome to the new redesign of the Naked Swami website! - it's been a long time coming, mainly due to procrastination and a fear that it might involve a lot of under the bonnet work that might mess up the functionality of the site.

Ultimately it was reasonably plain-sailing, with the aim being to make it easier and more straightforward for visitors to browse items without having to drill down into the site via links on the home page to get anywhere, which was the problem with the first iteration.

The bright colours are gone to be replaced by a more austere blue and an elegant font style throughout - the blue is to tie in with the visual identity of my professional work site at since some of the items are spin-offs from my animation design work.

I haven't tinkered with the e-commerce element so purchasing items should be a breeze, hopefully.

I'll be adding a new collection of drawings soon, some digital and some analogue, from my lockdown life-drawing sessions and random illustration, as before, suitable for a wide variety of applications from frameable print to tee-shirts - or whatever you want them to be on, just let me know via an email.

A few items are available via my Etsy and RedBubble shops and I'll be keeping these accounts open, but your best bet is to purchase directly from my website.

Have a great Xmas and New Year !

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