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"Junglee - Like "Sholay" this represents a high point in popular Hindi cinema but this time of the 1960's, playfully riffing on the popular films of Elvis Presley whilst retaining its uniquely Indian flavour.


Designed to be incorporated into "The Himalaya Palace" illustration (as shown), this is twinned with the "Sholay" poster to make a pair reflecting a particular era of cinema going (60's - 70's) & forming two titles which are quintessentially linked to that era.


"The Himalaya Palace" changed hands some time in the mid 70's as cinema-going dwindled due to video & to reflect population in the area, from being the "Odeon" (& several other names), screening regular double bills of popular Hindi films until cinemas across the country succumbed to the march of technology  - but we still all love the "Big Screen" experience, right ?...yes...Yahooo !...


Available in sizes A4 - A1 as a high-quality giclee print suitable for framing, or as a set of postcards.


Please note : The price quoted is for an A4 Print on 230 gsm Matt Poster Paper, please state the size (up to A1) required via email using the contact form when ordering.


  • "Junglee"

  • If for any reason the item fails to meet with your expectations, I will be happy to refund the cost in full or replace it at no extra charge, on condition that the item is returned undamaged in its original packaging, with the cost of postage / shipping to be borne by the buyer.


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