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...O.K, so "The Naked Swami" & a tee-shirt is a bit of an oxymoron, right ? - but I am like that only...(Logo design: Nina Paley)


Available as a complimentary bonus item on the first 20 orders, for a limited time only ! - please state size when placing your order.

"The Naked Swami" Logo

SKU: 0003
Color: White
  • "Naked Swami" logo (Designed by Nina Paley) T-Shirt, available in all sizes, male & female, white cotton.


    Logo printed on collar reverse.

  • If for any reason the item fails to meet with your expectations, I will be happy to refund the cost in full or replace it at no extra charge, on condition that the item is returned undamaged in its original packaging, with the cost of postage / shipping to be borne by the buyer.


All material copyright of the owner and may not be reproduced without permission - 2023


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