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Time Flies when you're usually having fun, that's what the sages say - a "G(r)eek Tragedy" T-Shirt design, noted for their wry sense of humour...


Discover the story behind the t-shirt here !


"Time Flies"

SKU: 0001
  • The "G(r)eek Tragedy" designs are a spin-off from an animation assignment & feature original designs based around the character of "Koalemos", who was a bit of an idiot - think "The Mullah Nasruddin" but with added olives...


    All sizes, male/female, in white cotton - includes "G(R)EEK TRAGEDY" logo text on reverse and collar reverse.

  • If for any reason the item fails to meet with your expectations, I will be happy to refund the cost in full or replace it at no extra charge, however, returns will not be possible or if so, the cost of postage / shipping will have to be borne by the buyer.


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