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August 2021 Update's been a while since I've posted here for a multitude of reasons besides COVID lockdown and I'm aware that site traction has dwindled to almost nothing.

The most important update relates to payments - Wix has only *just* flagged up an issue with WorldPay where payments weren't being accepted and I have no idea how long this has been the case.

I have now changed the settings to allow for payments via Wix' own payment system : "Wix Payments" - and once the change-over has been approved, you can purchase items using a credit or debit card as before.

I have closed my Etsy and Red Bubble pages and also the availability of items via Fine Art America, so if you are interested in anything, please do purchase direct from my site here.

Since I suspect that many people were finding the site via the "Naked Swami" Facebook page, it's possible that purchases were attempted and failed to go through and people just gave up.

Feedback is always welcome, either via the Facebook page or via the site, so do get in touch if you have questions, requests for particular items or for anything else related to the work on the site.

Ravi Swami August 2021

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