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  • Ravi Swami

Drawn Chorus - Life Drawing 2020-2021

2020 through 2021 saw a boom in online life-drawing as people, not just professional artists, found time on their hands during the COVID lockdowns, and I was no exception, seeing the opportunity to fulfill a desire to hone my rusty drawing skills via figure drawing, something that I had neglected since art college days.

I've followed several life models and group sessions during that time, starting with one run by Central St Martins, (where I did a Graphic Design B.A) and via recommendation, "Drawn Chorus", who kindly featured some of my drawings via their Instagram feed on their website gallery page. These are a combination of digital (iPad Pro & Procreate app) and analogue works and are shown clockwise above as images 3,4 and 5.

You can find more of my life-drawing at my own Instagram feed here and some of the items are available for purchase as prints at

If you are interested in purchasing original analogue artwork (ie not digital), do get in touch via the site contact page.


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