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The NakedSwami...Framed !!

One of the first customers for the cinema-themed prints, in Pasadena, U.S.A , sent me these shots of framed A3 format prints, and they look terrific.

They're very pleased by the quality of the prints (as I am) , the speed in processing the order and shipping to the U.S - a very efficient and prompt service from the U.K supplier.

Apparently the owner of the framing store was very impressed, too.

Shown right : "Dominion Cinema, Southall"- A3 Print

The feedback I had from the client chimed with my feeling that these designs work best in larger formats, i.e. A3 upwards, due to the fine detail, so she is considering ordering in A2 / A1 or A0 in future, depending upon space available for hanging.

Shown left : "Liberty Dragons" - A3 Roundel Design Print

This design incorporates actual architectural surface detail found on the "Himalaya Palace" cinema (originally The Palace) in Southall West London, a surviving iconic example of 1930's cinema architecture designed with an oriental theme.

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