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  • Ravi Swami

Virtually naked...

Installing the "Artivive" (search for "Artivive" on the App Store) "Augmented Reality" app on your phone allows you to view a virtual gallery of items available to buy at on a mobile device with the app installed, by pointing your camera at the image below !

Try it !'s fun !...

Once you have installed the app and registered with "Artivive", you should see two slideshows suspended magically in 3D space when you aim your camera phone at the image below :

You can test this by going to the site Facebook page, opening the app on your mobile device and waiting for Artivive to recognize the trigger image shown above - also included in the FB post - it will also work by pointing at this blog post.

The two slideshows show items currently available from the site and also items that can be purchased on request directly via email but that are currently not on the site itself.

The app integration here is still in a "Beta" phase so expect small changes to the content in future - you can see what is possible by visiting the Artivive home page for examples by designers and artists.

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